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Bring Inazuma Eleven games over to America already!

Bring Inazuma Eleven games over to America already!

| On 10, Aug 2012

I stumbled upon an Anime several months back in my thirst for something soccer related and I found something so much more than I imagined. It happened to be a Level-5 anime called Inazuma Eleven following the path of Endou Mamoru, one of the more charismatic figures in all my anime watching. It’s based around the team he builds from the ground up as they face hometown bullies all the way to the world’s best and personally it’s hands-down the best sports related anime to exist in my eyes. If you respect Level-5′s work with Rogue Galaxy and Professor Layton then you will like this show.


I looked further into it and realized that the Anime was set up by a set of games. This blew me away because usually it’s the other way around when you’re talking about an Anime getting converted (Naruto, Bleach, etc.).

So now that Level-5 has North American offices I’ve been waiting for an announcement of some sort. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover but nothing about Inzauma yet. Orrrr maybe…

Siliconera has reported that for the 5th Anniversary of Inazuma Eleven that they are releasing a compilation of the first 6 games. That’s one 3DS cartridge…with SIX GAMES! I look back on Phoenix Wright and how that was always given up on as something that could come out here, but I’m totally sold on it at this point. Level-5 can’t make an American studio for just a handful of games. There surely is a gamble or two worth having and when the success of their soccer series spawns them to go as far as to buy a stadium in Japan… then they should take a risk on localizing some english copies for us. I want them to be Japan don’t waste time localizing names like they did for England (Mark Evans… WTF). Not to mention the fact that it completely messes with the world tournament they play in…oops I’ve said too much…GO WATCH IT!

Well you know…bootleg it maybe?

Didn’t believe the Stadium thing huh?

The compilation is due out in Japan, for now, in the winter.