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A Wild Podcast Appears | July 25, 2014

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Rumor: Is UltraViolet Coming to the PlayStation 4? It’s not.

Rumor: Is UltraViolet Coming to the PlayStation 4? It’s not.

| On 09, Jul 2013


Update 2: Sony has tweeted the rest of the teaser image from yesterday linking to @InsomniacGames, the folks who develop the Ratchet and Clank franchise. Check out more here.

Update: Let me start out by saying that this is strictly a RUMOR. It seems some people are curious as to how I “pulled this out of my ass” and so I want to share with you my thoughts. Various weeks ago we received a tip from an unknown source information us that Sony has been in talks about integrating UltraViolet into the upcoming PlayStation 4. Funny enough, we didn’t really make anything of it because… well it was just a random tip that could mean nothing. Earlier today, Sony tweeted the photo which you will see below. Alongside that, before Sony tweeted said photo, we got ANOTHER tip which was similar to the one we got earlier in the month. Putting 2+2, we decided to roll with the rumor that such a thing could happen. I went ahead and personally contacted AWPA’s internal contact at Sony (whom I cannot reveal at this time) and confirmed the possibility of UltraViolet coming to the PS4. I hope this clears up how this story came to be. I read some nasty comments on N4G which really caught my attention. This is for you guys :)

Earlier today, the official Playstation account tweeted a mysterious image, as you can see below.


We contacted some of our sources at Sony and we came up with what looks to be a valid answer to what it is.

The PlayStation 4 will feature UltraViolet.

You’re probably asking yourself, what is UltraViolet? UltraViolet (UV) is a digital rights authentication and cloud-based licensing system that allows users of digital home entertainment content to stream and download purchased content to multiple platforms and devices. UltraViolet adheres to a “buy once, play anywhere” approach that allows users to store digital proof-of-purchases under one account to enable playback of content.

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 1.35.57 PM

UltraViolet does not store files, and is not a “cloud storage” platform. Only the rights for purchased content are stored on the service. UltraViolet only coordinates and manages the licenses for each account, but not the content itself.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has been a partner of UltraViolet from the very beginning so seeing this feature come to the PlayStation 4 is not completely crazy. So why include a Blu-Ray drive if you’ll have everything stored via UltraViolet? Easy answer, to appease the fans. Blu-Ray is just there to make people happy. There really isn’t much more to it. The world, especially gamers, are not ready for an “all-digital” gaming console.

Now about the tagline “When Worlds Collide”, one can only assume that they mean the worlds of physical and digital media (?) collide in one place.

Now of course all this is simple speculation and it might not be the case so we’ll just wait and see what Sony announces in the coming days. When Worlds Collide.


  1. Obowll

    bullshit that's a horrible photoshop

    • Ofcourse it's a photoshop. They aren't saying that's the real pic, they say the real pic from the Playstation twitter account is the second pic. They photoshopped that UltraViolet in there to say they think that's what the "When Worlds Collide" thing is all about.

    • The graphic is indeed photoshopped.

  2. LordofPwn

    Sony has already confirmed that the PS4 supports UV… Just like the PS3 does via Vudu… Next time check your sources…

  3. Sir, You are Correct. Sony has not announced UV for PS4 yet as of 7/9/2013.

    • Thank you. Not sure why folks keep insisting that Vudu is UV because it's not.

      • LordofPwn

        Because UV is a media format/media idea, and VUDU supports UV. do I have to spell it out for you?

        O and I guess so does flixster which is coming to ps4, and what's that I see? Sony pictures? Why would they suppor.. O wait I see Sony helped make this UV format… So explain to me how it's not confirmed that the ps4 supports UV cause it does and we knew this back in February.

        • The idea here is to have the console natively support UV Vs. having to use a third party app.

        • Clearly at this point you're just "trolling" me so I won't be making any further comments to you. Thanks for visiting!