Early this morning, Nintendo announced a new 3DS and 3DS XL for release in Japan. The new systems feature a slightly redesigned look, mainly on the inside, with a new “C-stick” analog stick and new shoulder buttons, labeled ZL and ZR, which can be found next to the already existing shoulder buttons. The new 3DS features a slightly larger display (3.88-inch Vs. the old 3.5-inch) as well as a new round design to mimic the already existing 3DS XL. On both devices, the cartridge slot has been moved to the front left side instead of the rear side of the device, the switch from SD card to microSD card, (more…)

There are few games that usually catch my attention off the bat. Earlier today someone linked me to an upcoming game called Rime and I was intrigued by it. The synopsis for the game reads as following: Rime is set in a unique ancient world of mystery, intrigue and adventure. Set on a beautiful island, a boy wakes on the shore to find he’s lost with only the island and the animals to accompany him. 

You can read more about this game over on the PlayStation Blog and check out the game trailer above. Let me know what you think in the comments.