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A Wild Podcast Appears | July 25, 2014

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AWPA Plays: Thief

March 5, 2014 |

Welcome to the next installment of “AWPA Plays”! This week I play Eidos Montreal’s, Thief! After their first hit with the Reboot of Deus Ex, can they strike lightning twice? If you want to catch the play-through early, watch AWPA on Twitch and follow us … Read More

New Tony Hawk gaming going exclusively mobile

February 27, 2014 |

Tony Hawk confirmed while talking today with Bloomberg that Activision’s next attempt to bring theTony Hawk skateboarding franchise to life will be released exclusively on mobile devices.

Tony Hawk has recently gone on record on his Demolition Radio Show about the game. “We’re working on a game … … Read More

GTA Online continues to grow, no sequel planned this year

February 27, 2014 |

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick spoke with MVC regarding the growth and current popularity of Grand Theft Auto Online. According to the interview, Zenick sees no reason to launch a new title this year with the game’s constant stream of content keeping it fresh and … Read More

New Secret of Mana game coming to Japan for iOS and Android

February 26, 2014 |

A new Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2) game is coming to Japan as Rise of Mana. The free-to-play action role-playing game is slated to launch in Japan later this week.

According to the game’s official page, iOS controller support on iPhone … Read More

Upcoming Arkham Origin DLC Cold, Cold Heart teased in trailer, out April 22nd

February 26, 2014 |

Cold, Cold Heart is Warner Bros. Montreal’s upcoming story based add-on for Batman: Arkham Origins. The expansion will tell the origin story of Mr. Freeze, An accompanying teaser was released and can be found after the jump.

Cold, Cold heart will be available April 22 on PlayStation 3, … Read More

Call of Duty Elite service ending on Feb. 28

February 26, 2014 |

Activision’s service for tracking stats and progress in their incredibly popular FPS series Call of Duty, Elite, will end on Feb. 28 at 1PM ET. An Activison FAQ will also explain what that means for current members.

CoD Elite was Activision’s attempt … Read More

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes gets price cut for next gen

February 25, 2014 |

One of my most anticipated games of 2014 just got cheaper.

Today, Konami announced it’s plans to cut the price of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes by $10, from $39.99 to … Read More

Persona 5 is coming to North America in 2015, spin-off games also being localized

February 25, 2014 |

A localization for the highly anticipated JRPG Persona 5 has eluded us stateside until now. Persona 5 will release in North america for Playstation 3 in 2015. Along with it, Atlus also announced today that Persona 4: Arena Ultimax (known as Ultra Suplex Hold in … Read More

‘Chance of The Last of Us sequel happening is possible,’ Says Naughty Dog

February 24, 2014 |

Creative Director at Naughty Dog Neil Druckman recently was the subject of a reddit ama. Among the sea of questions asked, Druckman responded to one of particular importance. When asked about the likelihood of a sequel to The Last of … Read More

Watch 15 Minutes of Infamous: Second Son gameplay

February 24, 2014 |

Infamous: Second Son is one of the Playstation 4′s most important games. It will make the argument for a lot of people whether or not the PS4 is a console worth its salt. This includes myself as I’m really excited to … Read More

Microsoft wants to give you Titanfall for free

February 24, 2014 |

Microsoft will release a Limited Edition Titanfall Xbox One bundle on March 11th, Announced earlier this morning by chief marketing and strategy officer Yusuf Mehdi.

According to the press release, The bundle includes a standard Xbox One Console, A Kinect peripheral, wireless controller and … Read More

AWPA Plays: Titanfall Beta

February 20, 2014 |

Welcome to the next installment of “AWPA Plays”! This week I play Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall Beta! After starting their own company, lets see what’s behind all the hype for this game! If you want to catch the playthrough early, watch AWPA on Twitch and … Read More

Titanfall: 2 Weeks Later

February 19, 2014 |

It’s been a long 2 weeks for me; I’ve been out of my multiplayer frenzy for months now. The last time I invested any significant amount of time in a multiplayer game was Black Ops 2. My relationship with multiplayer … Read More

Tales From The Backlog: Super Mario 3D Land

February 12, 2014 |

Let’s preface this by saying that this is an original post from Columnist Richard Maxim’s personal blog, We all have huge backlogs here at AWPA and we wanted to share these stories on some of our most anticipated games of … Read More

AWPA Plays: The Wolf Among Us – Episode 2

February 10, 2014 |

Welcome to the next installment of “AWPA Plays”! This week I play Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us Episode 2! After a three-month long break, lets see if this title still holds up what it started last October! If you want to … Read More