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A Wild Podcast Appears | July 25, 2014

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Disney Releases Teaser For ‘Muppets Most Wanted’

August 6, 2013 |

Disney has just released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel “Muppets Most Wanted” which hits theaters March 2014. Check out the teaser trailer below.


Source: Disney

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Ace Combat Infinity Will Be Free-to-Play

August 2, 2013 |

We were pleased to hear that PS4 would not force the PS Plus membership to play every game. Free titles or F2P titles wouldn’t require the membership. As we started fishing to see what could eventually fall under that category, … Read More

Review Quickie!!!: Bioshock 2

July 31, 2013 |

It’s easy to say that the original Bioshock was a success, selling millions upon millions of copies and being one of the most bought games of 2007 while simultaneously revolutionizing the way a game’s story could be told. So when in early … Read More

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 4 Premieres November 23rd

July 25, 2013 |

Attention Bronies, we’ve got official confirmation that Season 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will premiere on November 23rd, 2013. This news comes to us after a little “teaser” from The Hub’s Twitter account.

What are you looking … Read More

A Jaw-Dropping ‘Gravity’ Trailer Shows Space Nightmare

July 24, 2013 |

Warner Bros. this week released the latest teaser trailers for its star-studded film, Gravity, and the combination of galactic visuals and calamity will surely leave your mouth agape.

In the clip (above), Academy Award-winner Sandra Bullock’s character is shown drifting through … Read More

“Dead”; An Image Comics Teaser

July 18, 2013 |

A mysterious teaser image appeared in our inbox via Image Comics, teasing an event, or a book, called DEAD.

We’ve reached out to Image and will update when we hear more.


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This Amazing Spider-Man 2 Teaser is Electrifying

July 18, 2013 |

In the latest teaser for a comic-con arrival, Electro apparently will be roaming the floors to advertise The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Here’s the teaser above. What do you think?

Personally it comes off a little cheesy, but hell what do … Read More

Sony confirms “Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus” for PS3

July 10, 2013 |

I think I can say that AWPA broke the news first here early this morning when we revealed the teaser that Sony had tweeted was related to Ratchet and Clank. With the help of some friends, we were able to confirm … Read More

Did Sony just tease ‘Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus’ for PS3? (Confirmed)

July 10, 2013 |

Update 2: It has now been confirmed, the game is indeed Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus.

Update: It should be noted that developers are known to give games “fake” names while in development so that if they are leaked, the actual … Read More

Rumor: Is UltraViolet Coming to the PlayStation 4? It’s not.

July 9, 2013 |


Update 2: Sony has tweeted the rest of the teaser image from yesterday linking to @InsomniacGames, the folks who develop the Ratchet and Clank franchise. Check out more here.

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The Lego Movie Teaser Trailer

June 18, 2013 |

Today a new teaser trailer for The Lego Movie was released.  IMDB description “An ordinary LEGO minifigure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil LEGO tyrant from gluing the universe … Read More

FIRST LOOK: Disney’s FROZEN Teaser Trailer

June 18, 2013 |

Walt Disney Animation Studios has revealed a first look at its upcoming film “Frozen” with a new teaser trailer and set of images.

“Frozen” introduces a new Disney Princess, Anna, in a story based on Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow … Read More

E3: FEZ 2

June 13, 2013 |

Breaking news! Indie game developers Polytron has revealed their next title with a teaser trailer, FEZ 2!

The original FEZ was a puzzle plat-former released least year on Xbox Live summer of gaming. In it the main character “Gomez” was … Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Teaser Trailer

June 11, 2013 |

Yesterday during the Electronic Arts conference at E3, EA and DICE announced that a new Star Wars: Battlefront game would be coming soon and here is the first official teaser trailer for it.

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E3 2013 – Sony Conference – Square Enix: SURPRISE PROJECT!

June 10, 2013 |

After Square Enix debuted its Final Fantasy trailer, they left us with a quick teaser for a new up-and-coming title. Hit the jump for the low-down!

Here comes Kingdom Hearts 3! The teaser shows fan-favorite Sora (once again) dealing with … Read More