Red Dead Redemption 2 has been available for several months now. At its release and as often with Rockstar games the buzz was impressive. Moreover, the sales prove it, the game was clearly well sold in the first weeks (a little less thereafter in spite of the opening of the online mode). I played the game “day one”, I like the license, I love the Rockstar style and I thought clearly be seduced by this new episode. But today, I decide (finally) to write the test of Red Dead Redemption 2 without finally finishing the solo. So no, I’m not like some, I did not give up after a few minutes or a few hours, I’m clearly very far in the story (I have to approach the end, I’m 85% to be exact) , but now, I do not want to play anymore,

Because yes Red Dead Redemption 2 has many qualities but also has many flaws. Moreover, in one of the first Ze Podcast I was indignant to see notes like 21/20 or 20/20 for this game. Everyone in his opinion, it’s true, but when a game gets such notes, I finally find a unanimous opinion on social networks. Personally, I have never found that Red Dead Redemption 2 deserved such notes and I am clearly not the only one and this test finally explains why I did not hang as much as I would have hoped for this game.

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Let’s start with the story, a story lonngguueeee, it’s not a default, it’s even rather a quality, but I find it slow, much too slow and as the gameplay is so it reinforces once again this slow aspect. Yet the story is sometimes fascinating, sometimes surprising, sometimes interesting, but it must clearly be possible to devote long hours to hope to plunge completely. This is one of the flaws that I find in this Red Dead Redemption 2: having to have a few hours in front of either to play. Can not play the game just a few minutes and that for several reasons: you will have to remember the 419849 keys and combinations. The gameplay is slow, the adventure is long and all this set prevents you from playing short games.

Graphically Red Dead Redemption 2 is pretty impressive. I played on PS4 (normal), it is well done, the decor is vast, we travel clearly from one place to another, from one season to another, from a landscape to the other. The effects are beautiful and well done despite some bugs on my side. This side open world is really pleasant, but as often open world brings some defects and a very recurrent: having to travel on horseback or on foot tens of kilometers to accomplish its various missions. Personally I hate it, I clearly feel like a con and it’s a way to add life artificially. I want to do it for a mission from time to time, but in Red Dead Redemption 2 it’s almost finally for each mission. It’s boring. But yes, Red Dead Redemption 2,

Red Dead Redemption 2, a fascinating adventure, but too slow …
But Red Dead Redemption 2 proposes for me a gameplay too rigid and it is clearly one of its biggest faults. The game, the story, the universe, all this makes us end up with a rigid gameplay, a slow gameplay and heavy to handle. But in addition to having a heavy and slow gameplay we end up with improbable key combinations to sometimes do a simple action. I also regret sometimes the placement of its keys (that we can not customize), so, regularly, you will rob a person, while basically you just want to help. You point it, it points you (and shoot you), you end up killing (no other choice eventually), except that a resident saw you, you chase him, you kill him too, the police is accused.

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Despite everything, I had good moments in Red Dead Redemption 2, I found some missions well brought, I found the story really interesting, I found it sometimes well scripted, but each time there is small (or big) defects that spoil my experience. Clearly, I find for example Red Dead Redemption 2, much too scripted and scripted in its gameplay. If you have to go past the third tree to start the next action phase, you are obliged to do so. Everything is much too scripted, it feels, and it feels what is really boring.

Besides all that, the gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2 is still heavy. The aim is imprecise (fortunately automatic help is present), the cover system is relook to use, the movements are heavy, the infiltration is almost nonexistent finally, I would have liked that this point is much more worked but still a Once, if the mission is scripted to make it escalate, you will have to make noise or shoot or kill someone precisely. It’s detail, but at this level, every detail is clearly important.

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