Video games are increasingly present within education and it is not surprising because they are an excellent tool to motivate students. The gamification in the classroom has led to games such as Minecraft, SimCity, Spore or Civilization going from being fun to be used to teach certain subjects. In the following report, we want to talk about the 7 best video games for children that are currently being used in the classrooms.

We all know that the best way to learn is through fun and play so, in that sense, educational video games have the advantage over fat books of mathematics or history. Using videogames in education has its advantages as they facilitate retention capacity, motivate students to meet a goal, encourage participation, promote teamwork, improve self-esteem and psychomotor development, as well as imagination and logic. We are not inventing this to defend video games, there are several educational studies that support it. Without more, we leave you with the best educational video games.

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On the 25th anniversary of Civilization, Firaxis Games decided to jump into the world of education and develop CivilizationEDU a classroom version of Civilization V.

The game is scheduled to come out this spring of 2017 and, as in SimCityEdu, GlassLab Games has collaborated with Firaxis to take it forward. With CivilizationEDU, classes are filled with history, geography, technology, economics and diplomacy in a fun and strategic way.

Code Warriors: Hakitzu

Another interesting educational game is Hakitzu. Based on the fighting genre, it proposes a robot tournament in which it is necessary to learn to programme in order to win. It also encourages creativity because robots can be customized through the use of web code. Hakitzu has two game modes: team or individual. This free educational game is available on iOS and Android.

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Dragon Box

Best educational games
Mathematics is one of the subjects that most resist us in class and that is why one of the best educational video games that we recommend is Dragon Box. Thanks to this title, it is more fun to learn mathematical and algebra concepts.

At first, algebra is represented with objects that are gradually replaced by variables. In this way, mathematics is learned through experimentation, logic, and fun. It is available for iOS and Android.

Minecraft Education Edition

Mojang’s game was not born as an educational videogame, but soon it was possible to verify its potential in the academic field. Given the success it had in its launch, Minecraft Edu was created, a new version designed for the classrooms, but that has not lost any of the characteristics that have made the game of blocks succeed.

Minecraft Education Edition adapts the open world of Minecraft to a secure environment, with easier management and scenarios ready for specific class activities with huge whiteboards on which to write, customizable characters that display information or ease to create local games. Minecraft is one of the best videogames for children and teenagers since it allows stimulating creativity, learning basic programming issues, dimensions, and organization of spaces, collaborative works …

SimCity Edu

If you like city management games, I’m sure you’ve ever enjoyed the popular SimCity that Will Wright created in 1989.

The title of Electronic Arts has its own educational version that is developed in collaboration with GlassLabs Games and that, like the normal version, allows us to manage our city, but also takes advantage of issues such as science, technology, politics, citizenship, mathematics …

There are 6 missions in which students can play different roles while learning about problem solving and communication.

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Simple Machines

The last educational video game that we are going to talk about in this report is Simple Machines.

It is a title developed by the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago with which they teach us physics. The protagonist is a robot that we have to help pick up pieces to build a machine.


And another game by EA and Will Wright that is used in education is Spore. As in the case of Minecraft or SimCity, it was not born to enter the classroom, but its theme on the evolution of the species soon made it into consideration.

Spore is a game that teaches us about natural sciences since we have to evolve a species since it is a simple cell until it is able to colonize a galaxy.

For us, these are the best educational video games for children, but there are many others like Kokori Project with which to learn about biology, Cap Odyssey that teaches us about Agriculture, Naraba World or Discover Babylon. If you know more games for children that promote their abilities, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments as it may be useful for some teachers, parents or students who visit us 🙂

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